Comments on process

Comments on budget process developments and skills, and how they affect budgeting and its associated work.

The budget process only rewards those who are prepared.  But how do you prepare? (Hint - it is about marketing.)

We can - with some confidence - foresee how the rest of 2000 will play out, the paramount consideration being the Presidential election.  Congress has rejected making changes in the budget process, throwing out the new and deciding to stick with the tried and true.  This affects FY 2000 budget execution, FY 2001 budget decisions, including potential vetoes, and its execution (which is set to start before the election), and FY 2002 budget formulation.

     Appropriations hearings for FY2000 started in January 2000 - every year can be expected to repeat the same cycle.  Appropriations hearings are being scheduled.  Some already have dates, times, and places set.

Stress and budgeting - personal considerations on what budgeting involves.  With the summer holiday season here for all but the budget community (there is never a holiday season for this community), I have given some thought as to why this may be.