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  • The examples are:


    • Improving student aid delivery:  The Education Department will determine, within four days, the eligibility of students and families who apply for student aid electronically, cutting the processing time in half.


    • Speeding aid to disaster victims:  Through partnerships with Federal, State, local, and voluntary agencies, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will act on all requests to meet victims’ needs for water, food and shelter within 12 hours of a disaster event, with the intent to coordinate services within 72 hours of a Presidential declaration of disaster.


    • Finding the right agency on the first try:  The General Services Administration will restructure Federal listings in the blue pages of local telephone books, ensuring that Americans can find the Government service they need the first time they look.


    • Reducing time for clearance at U.S. airports:  Working with the Agriculture Department and the Customs Service, the Justice Department’s Immigration and Naturalization Service will clear international passengers at airports in 30 minutes or less while improving enforcement and regulatory processing.


    • Reducing injury and illnesses in the workplace:  The Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration will cut injury and illness rates by a fifth in at least 50,000 of the most hazardous workplaces.


    • Increasing access to Federal recreation opportunities:  The National Park Service will create, with other Federal natural resource agencies, an integrated Nation-wide outdoor recreation information system that gives all Americans electronic access to information about recreation on Federal lands, recreation use permits, and reservations.


    • Speeding Social Security information:  The Social Security Administration will provide overnight electronic Social Security number verification for employers. Today, verification can take up to two weeks.

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